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Re: Storrs Olson and the Last Crusade (was Re: New bird refs)

Pete Buchholz wrote-

> I have heard a lot about the supposed dinofuzz preserved in frogs, and
> and mammals etc from Liaoning.  Is there anyplace where these can be
> online and compared to Sinosauropteryx and friends?

Based on Feduccia's paper, I think Olson means Beipiaosaurus and the Yixian
"Most important, ââdino-fuzzââ is now being discovered in a number of 
some unpublished, but particularly in a Chinese pterosaur (Wang et al. 2002)
and a therizinosaur, which has teeth like those of prosauropods."
Apparently stuck in the 80's, he can't concieve of how a BADDist could think
Beipiaosaurus had filamentous integument (segnosaurs are
prosauropod-ornithischian descendents after all).  Of course, the pterosaur
comment is completely off base.  We've known pterosaurs were hairy for quite
some time now.

Mickey Mortimer