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Re: Therizinosaurian Taxonomy

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003 03:08:08  
 T. Michael Keesey wrote:
>I have some questions about therizinosaurian taxonomy. (Hopefully you'll see
>why before too teribly long....) Specifically, I am trying to find phylogenetic
>definitions of the taxa. This is what I have found so far:

>_Therizinosauridae_ = Clade(_Erlikosaurus_ <- _Ornithomimus_, _Oviraptor_,
>_Neornithes_) Sereno 1999

Apparently this one also exists: _Therizinosauridae_ = Clade(_Erlikosaurus_ <- 
_Ornithomimus_).  I don't know who originally formulated it, but it is listed 
in Sereno's 1998 N. Jb. node-stem triplet paper.  It is mentioned that 
Therizinosauridae was first named by Maleev in 1954, but I'm quite certain he 
didn't first propose that definition! :-)

It is similar to the definition you list above, which makes me suspect that 
Sereno had good reason to amend a year later.


Stephen Brusatte
Geophysical Sciences
University of Chicago
Dino Land Paleontology-http://www.geocities.com/stegob

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