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Re: Greg Paul's biplanes & Qilongia's inert mental butterflies

Stephan Pickering wrote-
Subject: Greg Paul's biplanes & Qilongia's inert mental  butterflies

I think that HP Headden has asked rather politely previously to not refer to him as "Qilongia".

BRIEF COMMENT. This thorough explication of the fallacies in Headden's iterations is long overdue, was eagerly awaited.

Well, there's something else we are all eagerly awaiting and is long overdue, and if we are lucky it'll happen in a few hours or a few days.

When considering the profound
ramifications of flight-as-survival among
end-Cretaceous theropods, even flightlessness among
some feathered theropods (parental care etc. still
intact), it is to Greg Paul's advantage that he has
had access to specimens and/or detailed scaled
photographs of specimens from China. This is, needless
to say, somewhat different from Headden's reliance
upon photocopies and rulers and vacuous

I believe that if HP Headden (or any other individual on this list) had such access, he (or she) would utilize it, but you must realize that not everyone does and therefore, there are times in which one must use the next best thing.

The reason why I use Gregory Paul in
my book-in-progress, additionally, is because I can
trust he has "done the homework", organized the data
without presuppositions.

And which "presuppositions" do you suppose HP Headden organizes his data with? Your vagueness alludes to something but as to what, one cannot be certain.

"If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up somewhere else." - Anonymous


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