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Re: Greg Paul's biplanes & Qilongia's inert mental butterflies

> A DNA virus among dinosaurs would facilitate
> generational transmission by remaining in the body,
> not killing the dinosaur. But an RNA virus -- its
> variability is derived from errors of replication --
> is quite mutable and dxterous in avoiding immune
> systems.

Sir what are you trying to say in the above sentences?
Yes RNA viruses are more fast evolving than most but
not all DNA viruses. In anycase DNA viruses are also
fast evolving enough to show variability if necessary.
By the way there are also retroviruses that have both
a RNA and DNA virus state. Many large DNA viruses are
rather destructive on extant dinosaurs- like pox
viruses and herpes viruses just as RNA or
retroviruses. As far as I can see there is no
consistent correlation between the genomic nucleic
acid and killing tendencies.

BTW your post also did not finally expose the
fallacies of Headden. I fail to understand how these
viruses are related to Headden's iterations. No doubt
Headden adopts the humdrum mainstream view, but the
data out there does not seem to support many of the
more exotic proposals in anycase.

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