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Re: Screaming dromaeosaur biplane killers of the air

I have step a side and read this discussion about M. gui with great intress, and now I want to say my opinion.

The function of microraptor guis legs and leg feathers is really hard subject.
I suspected that there must be something in the femoral head of jehol?s Dromaeosaurs.
So many of them have clearly structures adapted to the arboreal behavior and flight such as the long forelimb?s.
The spherical femoral head could be adaptation to gliding but it also can be adaptation to climbing.
For climbing spherical femoral head would be great advantage because it would let the leg move more freely.
If there would not be spherical femoral heads of jehol dromaeosaurs the death pose which is presented at the NGMC 91 and microraptor zhahoianus holotype would be almost impossible.
I think that there is nothing to say about why the confuciusornis have same spread leg pose than NGMC 91.
the G Paul made it clear.
I was thinking that could the leg posture of flying/gliding M.Gui be about same what is in the fossil of NGMC 91 ?
And I don't mean the spread legs only , I mean the whole leg.

What about the integument.
They are asymmetrical and completely aerodynamic.
They can work at the gliding but their would could be brake system.
When the bird land?s it uses the wings and it?s tale to slow down.
Well , the tale feathers of M.gui are are quite weak, and probably not good for slowing down, so it could use it?s leg feathers to brake.
I don't say that this is the primarily function , this was only suggestion.

Could dromaeosaurs fly?
Their body was better adapted to the flight than archaeopteryx.
M. gui?s forelimb feathers are asymmetrical, primaries are very long, the wing is quite big and there is
A some sort alula feather , they had almost all structures to flight. So I think that it is possible.
I don't say that they would do power flight.
Actually my opinion lies somewhere between gliding and flight.

Ville Sinkkonen

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