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again: dromie/bird ancestors? (corrected)

Greetings all 
(and again sorry for the cross-post)

After sorting through and arranging some piles of papers I finally found that 
paper I referred to a little while back. I must have been reading another paper 
at the same time because I mixed up journal and authors...

Olsen, PE, Kent, DV, Sues, H-D, Koeberl, C, Montanari, A, Rainforth, EC, 
Fowell, SJ, Szajna, MJ & Hartline, BW 2002. Ascent of dinosaurs linked to an 
iridium anomaly at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary. - Science vol. 296 (5571): 

Strangely, I never saw this paper mentioned on the DML.

Interesting at it is, what really caught my eye was the small illustration of 
the footprint of '"Unnamed dinosaur genus 1" perhaps herrerasaurid' from the 
very late Triassic. The second toe is stout and carries a very long ungual, 
making the toe nearly as long as the third toe. (If the ungual had been as 
short as the others, the 2nd toe would have been about half the length of the 
Had this footprint been from the Cretacious I suspect it would have been 
classified as dromaeosaurid.

The obvious question is: do the Dromaeosauridae (and the other members of the 
Deinonychosauria) hail back to the Triassic? Any other possible fossils from 
this time?