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Re: New Dinosauricon Taxon Pages: _Therizinosauria_

> Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2003 01:02:25 -0800 (PST)
> From: "T. Michael Keesey" <mightyodinn@yahoo.com>
> I have *finally* added some taxon pages to the new Dinosauricon! I
> decided to start with _Therizinosauria_ as an appropriate group to
> begin with, because:
> - They are like a combination of all different types of dinosaur.
> - They are relatively rare, so less specimens to catalogue. :)
> - The image of a _Therizinosaurus cheloniformis_ is associated wit
> the old Dinosauricon.

Yeah, but you missed the _true_ reason
  - They are cool.  :-)

> see: http://dino.lm.com/taxa/display.php?name=Therizinosauria
> Comments, corrections, etc. are welcome. Note that I am trying to
> comply with the Draft PhyloCode's rules and recommendations.

Absolutely wonderful work, Mike.  From my explorations on the net, the
Dinosauricon has been the dinosaur reference site of choice for some
time (no offence to HPs Fred Bervoets and Jeff Poling who also have
excellent sites), but the new one is at another level again.  Not just
a sexier design (as I had feared) but much more actual information.
The graph showing taxon occurrence in time is a very valuable
visualisation tool, and the scale silhouette is a nice touch.


* A technical one (which I think I've mentooned to you before): using
  Mozilla 1.3a on Debian Linux 3.0 (Woody), the links change to an
  illegible dark-blue-on-black when I mouse over them.

* Your use of species name alone in the Formula section (though
  fortunately not in the essays) is ... questionable.  I recognise
  that this is a Phylocode thing, but it's not as though the code
  mandates that you may not use The Names Formerly Known As Genera: it
  merely waves its hands about how a way will need to be found to
  represent species.  I've argued before that the moast pragamtic way
  is using a two-word specification consisting of the Clade Name
  Formerly Known As Genus followed by the species name, like this:
  _Erlikosaurus andrewsi_.  I still think this is by far the most
  pragmatic way to go.  (Just because the code saus that genera are
  not "significant" does not mean that we can't still use them as

Otherwise, I think it's marvellous.  Kudos also to HP Jaime Headden
for the excellent and informative multi-taxon skeletal restoration,
showing which elements are known.  Really helpful.


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