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Re: again: dromie/bird ancestors? (corrected)

Torfinn Ørmen wrote-

> The obvious question is: do the Dromaeosauridae (and the other members of
the Deinonychosauria)
> hail back to the Triassic? Any other possible fossils from this time?

No.  The earliest reported occurance is unpublished possible dromaeosaurid
teeth from the Early Jurassic Hanson Formation of Antarctica, mentioned by
Ford here-
Besides that, there is Novikov's undescribed dromaeosaurid tooth from the
Bathonian of Peski, Russia.
And Evans and Milner's (1994) probable basal troodontid or basal dromaeosaur
teeth from the Bathonian Chipping Norton Formation of England.

Mickey Mortimer