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Hello again, and Re: The Monster of Aramberri again

Hi, dino pals. I'm back to the list, after some years unsubscribed. Surely, some of the oldest subscribers would remember me. Probably Darren, Jerry, Tom, Greg and all the other people (if they are still here; I have seen some messages from Darren, but none from the others...). My name is Nino.

I just got a contract as a technician in fossil preparation in my old University, so I'm back to finish my Ph.D. on _Pelecanimimus_, finally!!!. I had to leave it unfinished because my grant ended and I wasn't able to get any other funds. That occurred at the end of 1999. So I got a job outside paleontology (I have to eat, almost everyday; and now I have a family, also).

I have been reading the messages of the list for a couple of weeks, and... wow!!! The level of the messages is incredibly high now! I become almost lost in every message... Or maybe it is because I am still undertrained...

I have two commentaries to do:

First: The occipital crest of _Pelecanimimus_ was clearly seen in the ultraviolet photos of the unprepared skull. It was even slightly visible under ordinary light. It was probably some kind of cartilaginous structure, although this is just conjectural. Surely, it was some kind of soft tissue. In the original paper in Nature there is a ultraviolet photography of the skeleton. You can check it there.

Second: I have received several messages as the one below. Probably is because the people send their messages as html. Please, send them as txt.

I'm very happy to be back.



Bernardino P. Pérez-Moreno Unidad de Paleontología Departamento de Biología Facultad de Ciencias Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 28030 Madrid Spain bpp1968@mi.madritel.es

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