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RE: New Dinosauricon Taxon Pages: _Therizinosauria_

I already told HP Keesey my thoughts on his new format (they were nice),
but I do want to go on record as saying that I support his species-based
pages.  Species (well, extant species, anyway) are the only
non-arbitrary (well, semi-non-arbitrary) divisions in taxonomy.
Everything else, including genera, are human-made designations of a
fractally branching bush of relationships.  With dinosaurs, I suppose
the _real_ base for classification should be individual specimens, since
we have no idea whether that Iguanodon could mate with that other
Iguanodon, but species are a still a useful tool, and HP Keesey does
make an effort to list all of the cataloged specimens.

The only problem with this format is that it might be a little hard to
navigate for someone who doesn't know what they're doing (I went to the
Velociraptor page and didn't find much...oh...I have to go to the
mongoliensis page to get information).  That problem, however, is pretty
well addressed by HP Keesey's copious cross-referencing, and I'm sure
there'll be an in-site search engine at some point.