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Re: Screaming dromaeosaur biplane killers of the air

David Marjanovic wrote-

> No
> currently unquestioned member of Enantiornithes is known to have
> *Protopteryx* and *Longipteryx* have them, I forgot about *Jibeinia*,
> confuciusornithids have them, *Sapeornis* appears to lack them, and a few
> specimens of oviraptorids and dromaeosaurids have them.

Protopteryx actually lacks ossified uncinates as preserved.
Hou's illustration of Jibeinia's holotype has a few small structures that
might be ossified uncinates.  Then again, they could be sternal ribs or
broken dorsal ribs.  Also, we must take into account that Hou's
illustrations are hardly detailed, and quite possibly not accurate.  In any
case, he doesn't describe such features.
The rib cage of Sapeornis' holotype is far too incomplete to rule out
ossified uncinates.

> Maybe only because no cladistic analysis has yet integrated all those
> "neoflightless characters" into its data matrix. Many of the characters
> IMHO worth such a try. Mickey M? :-)

Look forward to an update on my analysis VERY soon. :-)

BTW- David, I can't access my university e-mail account at the moment, so
cannot reply to the thread we had going (Dino-bird theory).  Hopefully, I'll
get it working soon and we can continue.

Mickey Mortimer