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Re: New Dinosauricon Taxon Pages: _Therizinosauria_

Quoting "T. Michael Keesey" <mightyodinn@yahoo.com>:

> > "Ornithodesmus" latidens has been renamed Istiodactylus (Howse, Milner and
> > Martill in Martill and Naish, 2001) in Dinosaurs of the Isle of Wight.
> I am aware of that. My point was that if you want species names to be
> binomina,
> you have to either a) make them stick with their original generic name (so
> it
> would remain _Ornithodesmus latidens_), or suffer impermanent species names.
> (_Ornithodesmus latidens_ yesterday, _Istiodactylus latidens_ today, who
> knows,
> maybe _Ornithostoma latidens_ tomorrow? Not a serious proposal, mind you,
> just
> an example.)

Well, yes, we'll have to set up some ground rules about when you can 
officially change the first name of a species.  As long as each first name is 
shared exclusively by some monophyletic clade, no harm, no foul.  If it ain't 
broke, don't fix it.

Nick Pharris
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan