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Re: Therizinosauria or Segnosauria? (was RE: New Dino...)

--- Nick Gardner <ratites637@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Been in the Archives, okay.  Out of curiousity, if one were to define 
> Segnosauria as a the same clade as Therizinosauria, then which name would 
> have priority?

Under phylogenetic taxonomy, I would consider the first taxon defined (in this
case, _Therizinosauria_) as having priority. For my purposes, a taxon without a
phylogenetic definition is as good as a _nomen nudum_. Of course, nothing's
really official until PhyloCode begins (Jan. 1, 200n), but I'm trying to get a
head start.

> Also, I noticed that towards the bottom of the page, one of the names 
> appears to be jarbled, presumedly due to the presence of a special 
> character?

Whoops -- fixed. Thanks.

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