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[NOVA] "Battle of the X-Planes"

Not specifically dinosaurian, but certainly relevant to recent discussions on 
flying, particularly the last paragraph on wing designs.


Subj:   [NOVA] "Battle of the X-Planes" 
Date:   1/31/2003 4:01:16 PM Eastern Standard Time  
From:    owner-nova-online@franz.wgbh.org (NOVA)
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Broadcast: February 4, 2003
(NOVA airs Tuesdays on PBS at 8 p.m. Check your local listings as
dates and times may vary.)

Two aviation giants, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, compete to build the
next-generation fighter jet and win the largest government contract
ever awarded. For more than five years, with unprecedented access from
the Pentagon, NOVA followed the trials and tribulations of this neck-
and-neck design war. The program gives a unique inside perspective on
every phase of the competition, from design and assembly to the
thrilling test flights and finally to the Pentagon's stunning
announcement of the winner.

Here's what you'll find on the companion Web site:

Articles and Interview

    Behind the Scenes
    Producer Mike Jorgensen describes what it was
    like to take cameras inside some of America's
    most classified facilities.

    Where Combat Planes Retire
    Visit Arizona's "boneyard," where old fighters
    and bombers await a call to duty -- or to the
    scrap yard. 

    Meet a Test Pilot
    Find out why Navy Commander Philip "Rowdy" Yates
    works hard to make test flights as boring as possible.


    Designing for Stealth
    How do you render a 15-ton hunk of flying metal
    nearly invisible to the enemy?

    Outfitting a Fighter Pilot
    A pilot's gear is a sophisticated support system
    that can save his life in deadly situations.

    Getting Airborne 
    Send a plane down a runway at top speed and see how
    it achieves enough lift to take off.

    Wing Designs
    Experiment with airfoil shapes and discover how they
    affect the way a plane flies.