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Re: Lizards with deltopectoral crests?

David R. Peters wrote-
If anyone knows whether Chlamydosaurus is unique in this regard, or not,
I would be happy to hear from them.  Just how widespread are those
squarish deltopectoral crests?

The dpc appears to be low and subtriangular in Scleromochlus (Benton, 1999), low and gently bump-like in Megalancosaurus (Paul 2002, Harris & Downs 2002), and rather subtriangular in Longisquama (Peters 2003). I don't know anything about the condition in lepidosauromorphs. As far as pterosaurs go, indeterminate in Austriadactylus (Dalla Vecchia et al. 2002); triangular in Jeholopterus, Preondactylus, Peteinosaurus, and Dimorphodon; squarish in Batrachognathus and Anurognathus; and rounded in Dendrorhynchoides (Dalla Vecchia 2002).

On a secondary note, I've been impressed by the similarity in overall
body shape of Longisquama + the most basal pterosaurs to modern lemurs.
Short cervical series. Tail elevated at a high angle from the dorsal
series. Etc. This convergence, of course, gives further credence to
Bennett's modern hypothesis of an arboreal leaping origin to pterosaurs
which follows similar hypotheses from decades ago. If anyone would like
to discuss these convergences we can do so, either privately or

Do you have a reference for Bennett's hypothesis? I'm currently looking for pterosaur and prolacertiform papers and would like to know what's out there as I'm looking. I think we should have a public discussion.

Are there any pterosaur mailing lists out there, similar to the DML, except for pterosaurs?

I've noticed that people also often state that some of the new Chinese dromaeosaurs are lemur-like (Microraptor zhaoianus and NGMC 91, for example). Are their cervical series shorter than most other eumaniraptorans as well? Just a curiousity, I know it's irrelevant to the current discussion.

Nick Gardner paleoartist aim Eoraptor22

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