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Forget Jurassic Park...


THE legend is about to take on the monster. Eccentric German film-maker
Werner Herzog will shortly arrive in Scotland to pursue one of the worlds
most elusive creatures.

Herzog, widely regarded as one of the greatest film-makers alive because
of his painstaking attention to detail, has become fascinated by the myth
of the Loch Ness monster.

He now intends to make the definitive documentary on Nessie for cinema
release around the world. Friends say he has been obsessively collecting
research material in advance of his trip to the Highlands next month.

The Enigma of Loch Ness seems certain to be unlike any previous
documentary on the subject. Herzog has often blurred the lines between
drama and documentary, most notably in his epic Fitzcarraldo, for which he
employed 500 Indians to haul a steamship up a mountain from one part of a
drought-stricken Amazonian river to another, and which spawned a memorable
documentary about the films creation. Many of his dramas have been true
stories, while his documentaries have included dramatic re-enactments.

This one will be no exception. Herzog, 60, intends to investigate the
origins of the legend and take to the water himself to see what he might
find. He has also ordered the building of the back end of a sunken boat
for one sequence, and may require extras for dramatic sequences. 

  [ dramatic sequences? "MARTHA LOOK LOOK - never mind..." ]

He will not, however, be doing a mock-up of the monster and says it will
only appear in his film if he comes across the real thing. 

 [ awww. well, we can hope ]