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Re: Dinos galore [snip] and Tendaguru dinos

Tim Williams wrote:
At the very least, adult _Alioramus_ would probably have had more elaborate cranial ornamentation than _Tarbosaurus_.

Of course.

I've been reading some of the new papers (I don't have them all yet), in particular, Currie et al.'s phylogeny paper. I don't like that it excludes ornithomimosaurs and maniraptorans since they are closer taxa to the tyrannosaurids than Allosaurus and I wonder what kind of effect this is having on the results. Also, it seems strange that they would exclude postcranial characters without at least providing a reason for doing so.

Also, I've never seen this paper mentioned before-

Mader, B.J. and Bradley, R.L. 1989. Aredescription and revised diagnosis
of the syntypes of the Mongolian tyrannosaur Alectrosaurus olseni.
Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 9: 41?55.

Has anyone read it?

_Dryosaurus lettowvorbecki_ is the only Tendaguru ornithopod that I know of. It's sometimes placed in its own genus, _Dysalotosaurus_.

Huh. I thought it was from northern Africa. Guess I'm wrong.

Nick Gardner

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