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RE: Dinos galore [snip] and Tendaguru dinos

Nick Gardner wrote:

I've been reading some of the new papers (I don't have them all yet), in particular, Currie et al.'s phylogeny paper. I don't like that it excludes ornithomimosaurs and maniraptorans since they are closer taxa to the tyrannosaurids than Allosaurus

Ahhh... but are they? I recall seeing at least one fairly recent phylogeny that found tyrannosaurs to be the next outgroup above carnosaurs. Perhaps it was an AMNH paper.

Tom Holtz wrote:

Yep. Pretty straight forward descriptive anatomical stuff: it was the paper in which the forelimb elements of _Alectrosaurus_ were shown to be from a segnosaur (therzinosauroid), rather than from _Alectrosaurus_ itself. (Once upon a time, _Alectrosaurus_ was famous for being a tyrannosaurid with
rather large arms...).

Hence, some older publications suggested that _Alectrosaurus_ might be closely related to the bona fide big-armed theropod _Chilantaisaurus_.

Also, _Elaphrosaurus bambergi_ is from Tendaguru as well.



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