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RE: Dinos galore [snip], no Tendaguru

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> Tim Williams
> Nick Gardner wrote:
> >I've been reading some of the new papers (I don't have them all yet), in
> >particular, Currie et al.'s phylogeny paper.  I don't like  that it
> >excludes ornithomimosaurs and maniraptorans since they are
> closer taxa to
> >the tyrannosaurids than Allosaurus
> Ahhh... but are they?  I recall seeing at least one fairly recent
> phylogeny
> that found tyrannosaurs to be the next outgroup above carnosaurs.
>  Perhaps
> it was an AMNH paper.

Nevertheless, in those studies (the AMNH ones, Rauhut, my last few SVP
phylogenies, etc.) ornithomimosaurs + maniraptors (together,
Maniraptoriformes) are STILL closer to tyrannosaurids than are allosaurids.

On the other head (:-), there aren't too many well described basal
maniraptoriform (or basal coelurosaur) skulls, while there IS a lot of
detail of the nitty-gritty of Allosaurus to help  potentially polarize

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