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Re: Dinos galore [snip] and Tendaguru dinos

Nick Gardner (ratites637@hotmail.com) wrote:

<Mader, B.J. and Bradley, R.L. 1989. Aredescription and revised diagnosis
of the syntypes of the Mongolian tyrannosaur Alectrosaurus olseni. Journal
of Vertebrate Paleontology 9: 41?55.>

  Yes, this paper redescribes and photographs, for the first time, the
holotypic and paratypic material to *Alectrosaurus* as originally referred
by C.W. Gilmore in 1933. The holotype is restricted to a partial hindlimb,
and the forelimb material was referred, and includes four caudals that all
apply to a therizinosauroid. This material also includes claws, and the
humerus, as the archives may illustrate, is remarkably slender and
delicate in comparison to other segnosaurs (i.e., all therizinosauroids,
*Beipiaosaurus*, their most recent common ancestor, etc.). *Alectrosaurus*
is known now from a more complete postcrania and cranial material,
descriubed by Perle in 1979, but I have not seen this paper as yet and
Mader and Bradley discuss only the material Gilmore had available to him.


Jaime A. Headden

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