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Re: di-NO!-tyrannus

--- Tommy Bradley <htomsirveaux@mybluelight.com> wrote:
> Okay,
>      I don't wanna start anything (the last thing in the world I'd want is to
> agrivate anybody :-D), but what's the deel with Dinotyrannus?
> Is it the senior synonym of Albertosaurus megagracilis?
> IS it a junior subjective synonym of A. megagracilis?

_megagracilis_ Paul 1988 (orignally placed in _Albertosaurus_) is the type
species of _Dinotyrannus_

> Is it valid?
> Is it INvalid?

It's technically a valid name, BUT....

> Or has it become include it with T-rex?

...it's widely considered a junior subjective synonym of _Tyrannosaurus_ (and
_megagracilis_ a junior subjectice synonym of _rex_). IOW, the holotype of
_Dinotyrannus megagracilis_ (=_Albertosaurus megagracilis_) is widely
considered a subadult _T. rex_

> Or is it's validity (as so often is the case) strictly a matter of opinion?
>      Any help would be greatfully apperciated.
>      Oh and one more thing:
> Dinotyrannus [Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, Ford & Yamamoto, 1995]
>      D. megagracilis [Paul, 1988 vide Olshevsky, 1995]
> Is that right?  I just wanna make sure I got who named what and when right.

_Dinotyrannus_ Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, Ford & Yamamoto, 1995
    _D. megagracilis_ (Paul 1988) Olshevsky vide Olshevsky, Ford & Yamamoto,
    = _Albertosaurus megagracilis_ Paul 1988

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