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Re: di-NO!-tyrannus

--- Chris <Chris_Collinson@monarch.net> wrote:
> Is Dinotyrannus the "Albertosaur" that, in PDW, Paul mentions was found in
> associatioin with an adult T. rex? Given the location where the D.
> megagracilis type is housed, can I assume that the adult rex is the La
> specimen?  If this is infact true, why wouldn't it just be obvious to assume
> that Dinotyrannus is a juvie rex?

The entry for _Albertosaurus megagracilis_ in PDW does not mention any other
associated remains. The type specimen, LACM 23845, was originally tentatively
referred to _Albertosaurus lancensis_ by Molnar, but Paul considered it too
large to belong to that species (the _lancensis_ holotype was considered adult,
the larger LACM 23845 subadult).

Paul 1988 has something like:

|--Indosuchus raptorius
`-+--Alioramus remotus
  `--+ -Albertosaurus? ("Nanotyrannus") lancensis
     | -+--Tyrannosaurus (Daspletosaurus) torosus
     |  `--+--Tyrannosaurus (Tyrannosaurus) bataar (=efremovi, novojilovi,
Gorgosaurus lancinator)
     |     `--Tyrannosaurus (Tyrannosaurus) rex (=Dynamosaurus imperiosus)
     `--+?-Albertosaurus? (Alectrosaurus) olseni
        `--+  Albertosaurus (Albertosaurus) sarcophagus (=Laelaps incrassatus)
           `--Albertosaurus (Albertosaurus) libratus (=Albertosaurus
              `?-Albertosaurus (Albertosaurus) arctunguis
                 `?-Albertosaurus (Albertosaurus) megagracilis

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