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Re: di-NO!-tyrannus

>From Tr**y F**d:

Dan Chure and I sank Dinotyrannus and Stygivenator into Tyrannosaurus rex in
(not that ANYBODY knows this...)...

F**d, T. L., and Chure, D. J., 2002, "Aublysodon" teeth from the El Gallo
Formation (Late Campanian) of Baja California: the southernmost record of
tyrannosauroid theropods: In: Western Association of Vertebrate
Paleontologists with Mesa Southwest Museum and Southwest Paleontological
Society of Mesa, Arizona, First Meeting of the New Millennium, Mesa
Southwest Museum Bulletin n. 8, p. 75-89.<<

Stygivenator is a poorly 'reconstructed' skull and the front of the 'nasals'
are improperly downturned.