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Re: Hongshanosaurus houi, new psittacosaur

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>> In a message dated 7/2/03 3:17:31 PM EST, dinoland@lycos.com writes:
>>Same here.  I know no species of _Psittacosaurus_ that shows premax
>>I do know that Pete Buchholz mentioned onlist a specimen that
>>did possess premax teeth, but as far as I know this has never been
>>published. >>

>This is the one Tr**y and I examined. I believe it is now in private
>Too bad, very significant specimen!

ARGH!!! now I remember, thank's Steve,I think you referred to a probable
Psittacosaurus meileyingensis or a very similar one discussed by us last
summer in regard to the phylogeny of Psittacosaurus species.
Hy George the Tr**y specimen is this one????
And what about Hongshanosaurus? the premaxillary teeth are absent or

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