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Middle Triassic sites in the Unesco World Heritage List

Dear listmembers,
The Middle Triassic sites of Monte San Giorgio (on the Swiss side, but the Italian ones will be hopefully added soon) have just been included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. No need to recall that these sites, both on the Swiss and Italian side, are among the best of the rare "windows" on the marine (and, at a lesser extent, terrestrial) vertebrate faunas of the Middle Triassic, which importance has been acknowledged since last (two;-) ) centuries. The recent finding of exceptionally well preserved insects in one of the Swiss sites has further increased the scientific relevance of these localities.
Working mainly on reptiles from the Alpine Triassic, I can only be happy for this. I hope it will be of good omen for the future of vertebrate paleontology worldwide.

                                                Silvio Renesto

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