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RE: questions

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> david carrizosa
> Hallo
> 1) Which remains of Scabbisaurus flaccus have been found??

?!?!  Never heard of it, and Google can't find it.  Are you sure it is even
an actually named species?

> 3) Could someone recommend me some journals to suscribe,
>    which one are betters for dinostuff.

If you mean technical journals, my recommendation is don't subscribe if all
you are after is dinosaur science.  There isn't a "Journal of Dinosaur
Paleontology", and in a given issue of Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology
you might get anywhere from 0 to 5 articles with dinosaurs, all of which
will be technical.

There are a LOT of journals that have paleontology articles, many of which
are linked here:

However, technical journals are just that, technical.  They are also damned

In the best of all possible worlds, you can have access to a research
library (at a museum of university) that subscribes to many different paleo
journals.  In the next best worlds, you can contact authors or others to see
about gettting copies.

> 4) Does someone knows if polyglot it's still updated

Yes, although Matt Carrano has had to move recently (to the Smithsonian)

> 5) Does someone know where i could find the Hongshanosaurus paper
>    and specially this

You Hailu is currently not in China, but when he returns you could email him
for a copy.

> Martin-Rolland, Valerie, 1999, Les sauropodes
> chinois: Revue Paleobiologie, Geneve, 18(1), pp. 287-315

While the URL for that issue is here:
there are no pdfs for that journal.  So you'll have to do it the old
fashioned way and either get to a library with the journal or find someone
who has a copy they can send you.  (I don't ; otherwise I would send you a

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