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clearing some air

As many of you have already heard, Tracy Ford was removed from the
dinosaur list last October, and George Olshevsky was removed
yesterday.  By policy, we do not discuss such issues on the list.
However, since all that we've seen publicly expressed to date has been
inaccurate, I think a public response is necessary.  We (Mary and I)
would rather not see people drawing incorrect conclusions about what
is and isn't okay on this list.  So I've made my perspective available
where it belongs -- on the Killed-Threads list.

I have just made the archives to that list accessible to everyone, so
you don't even need to subscribe to see what I wrote.  You will need
to subscribe there if you want to publicly discuss the issues farther,
but you should be able to see my take by going directly to:


Please go back to arguing about dinosaurs...

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)