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Re: oldest sauropod found

--- Aegyptiacus@aol.com wrote:
> Waoh!
> If I retranslate it, it means something like "before the thunder (lizard)",
> aka *Brontosaurus*, which seems logical to me. If such is the case, this is a
> kind of recognition of that nomen oblitum (is that the right term?).

_Brontosaurus_ is a valid name -- it's just widely (almost universally)
considered a junior subjective synonym of _Apatosaurus_.

A _nomen oblitum_ is, as I understand it, is a name that has become invalidated
through either:
  1) utter lack of use for a certain time period (I think 50 years, and I think
_Manospondylus_ is an example)
  2) official ruling (e.g., _Rioarribasaurus_)

Although maybe it only applies to the first case....

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