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Re: Ornithopoda + (Heterodontosauridae + Marginocephalia) phylogeny

From: "T. Michael Keesey" <mightyodinn@yahoo.com>

>Incidentally, I don't have the paper (Sereno, 1998), but I *think* it may have 
>_Heterodontosauridae_ as Clade(_Heterodontosaurus_ <- _Parasaurolophus_), which
>could also include pachies and ceratopsians. I could be wrong, though.

You are right.  The definitions in this paper might prove to be problematic, 
but I would rather hold back until the "heterodontosaurids as marginocephalian 
sister taxa" idea is found consistently in phylogenetic analyses.


Stephen Brusatte
Geophysical Sciences
University of Chicago
Dino Land Paleontology-http://www.geocities.com/stegob

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