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Website News.

Still feeling the ripples of controversy generated by the Field Guide
and a road show with Henry Gee, I have just finished new smooth and
fruitful collaborations with Dr. Per Christiansen:  "Rovdinosauren"
(celebrating the discovery of a dromaeosaur tooth in Bornholm) and more
recently with no less than Dr. Bob Bakker himself called "Maximum
Triceratops" that will be published by Random House next year.

Who says that working with big egos of paleontology is difficult?

"Rovdinosaurien" is out right now in Denmark (and it's a magnificently
printed  book worth having even if you don't read Danish. Some of the
printing is much better than any of the books I have done)  and "Maximum
Triceratops" is due out in January 2004.

I have installed a small page in my website as a taster (What's New

Also as part of the re-modelling of the website I have included new
updated and corrected versions of the Chinese Revolution Part 2 and
Microraptor... metatarsal wings included. Click on 'Dave' and the
Microraptor page itself.

Commentaries are welcome.

Luis Rey

Visit my website on http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~luisrey