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Re: Antentonitirus pro-nun-see-a-shun?

Quoting Tommy Bradley <htomsirveaux@mybluelight.com>:

>      Wow!  A brand new Sauropod!  And not just a new Sauropod, but the
> earliest one ever found!
>      Having read through the various meesages sent in about this animals
> name, I've figured out the meaning (although I'm still trying to find
> "tonitrus" in the dictionary or on some of the Latin decryption sites I've
> found.)

*tonitrus* is Latin for 'thunder', just as *bront-* is Greek for 'thunder'.

>      But does anybody have any clue about pronouncing this tongue-twister of
> a taxon?  I know it's "Anti...something."

I'd go with ann-teh-TONN-ih-truss

Spelling is "Antetonitrus", BTW.

Nick Pharris
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan