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New fish found - new species, genus, AND family...

Not dinos, I'm just pleased there's still major unknowns to be found.


SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - Scientists in Brazil's Amazon say they have
discovered a new fish, something that has not happened for more than a
century, and hope to categorize the small eel-like creature by the end of
the year.

"It's a new species which will require us to create a new genus and a
whole new family to accommodate it," Jansen Zuanon, head aquatic biology
researcher at Brazil's National Amazon Research Institute, or Inpa, told
Reuters on Thursday.
"A new family of fish hasn't been categorized in probably the last 150
years," the biologist said, adding that the discovery of new species was
quite common.
Curiously it also has up to 10 air chambers, compared to the usual two or
three that fish use to hold their position underwater, leading the
scientists to believe it can breathe at the surface, Zuanon said.