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Re: YEAH!!! Sauropodomorph Phylogeny!

Steven Mahon wrote-

> I am totally confused by the current state of basal
> Sauropodomorpha. Is Prosauropoda monophyletic?
> Plateosauria? If so what does it contain? If not, how
> does the Sauropodomorph-to-Sauropod line go?

I recommend using Yates and Kitching's newest tree, with some added data
from Yates (2003), Galton (2001) and others-
         |  `--+--Riojasaurus
         |     `--Plateosauria
         |        `--+--Plateosauridae
         |           |  |--Plateosaurus
         |           |  `--Sellosaurus
         |           `--Massospondylidae
         |              `--+--Coloradisaurus
         |                 `--+--Lufengosaurus
         |                    `--+--Massospondylus
         |                       `--+--Yunannosaurus
         |                          `?-Jingshanosaurus
            `--+--Anchisaurus (incl. Ammosaurus)
                  |  |?-Camelotia
                  |  `--Melanorosaurus
Properly named taxa of uncertain affinity include Azendohsaurus,
Gongxianosaurus, Kunmingosaurus, Mussaurus, Ohmdenosaurus, Ruehleia,
Yimenosaurus and Zizhongosaurus.

Mickey Mortimer