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Re: Website News.

Luis Rey wrote:
Still feeling the ripples of controversy generated by the Field Guide
and a road show with Henry Gee, I have just finished new smooth and
fruitful collaborations with Dr. Per Christiansen:  "Rovdinosauren"
(celebrating the discovery of a dromaeosaur tooth in Bornholm) and more
recently with no less than Dr. Bob Bakker himself called "Maximum
Triceratops" that will be published by Random House next year.

Was Triceratops maximus a previously published species, or is it new?

Also as part of the re-modelling of the website I have included new
updated and corrected versions of the Chinese Revolution Part 2 and
Microraptor... metatarsal wings included. Click on 'Dave' and the
Microraptor page itself.

I've always wondered a couple of things about 'The New Chinese Revolution, Part 2'. I think it's an awesome piece of artwork (was using it as my wallpaper for a few weeks). In the rearing Cryptovolans pauli individual, what position is the head in? It's always looked rather strange to me. And shouldn't there be more feathers on the second finger (man. digit II)? In regards to the Psittacosaurus. Is it crunching down on a bone there or a stick of some sort? What was your inspiration for it to be doing so? Just a little curious because it looks cool and was wondering if there was any data to back it up. And also, in the text, you refer to psittacosaurs as "beaked, primitive relative of ceratopsians". Psittacosaurs are ceratopsians. I presume you were referring to NGMC 91 when you mentioned the 'still unnamed dromaeosaur'. Does it really resemble Microraptor? I thought it was closer (if not the same) to Sinornithosaurus. And congratulations on being able to restore those 'hindwings/buttfans' on Microraptor and Cryptovolans! I'm having an impossible time trying to do so. :-(

Awesome art no matter what!

Nick Gardner

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