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Re: The Future Is Wild & Giants: personal Comments (LONG)

>>Especially when they stated the ancestor of the Carakiller as a 

I can just imagine them thinking that one up. "Ya know what's cool? 
Terror birds. Let's parallel evolve somethin' to look like 'em!" And 
those goofy punching sounds when they whalloped the baboon knock-offs 
with their beaks? I loved that. No, wait, I didn't love it. I hated 

>>(zoom to shot of _Quetzalcoatlus_ flying from When Dinosaurs Roamed 

When I saw that, I wasn't sure whether I should laugh or cry.

>>What about comparing good ol' _Sarcosuchus_ with a _Deinosuchus_ & 

As much as I'd love to see that happen, I'm not sure ratings-happy TV 
execs would go for something featuring two critters the average Joe 
Off the Street's never heard of, when they could devote more time to 

>>By the way, is it me, or does every CGI animal seem to make WAY too 
>>much noise lately? It seems every time an animal appears, it has to 
>>roar, bellow, snarl, honk, hiss etc etc just for added effect. It 
>>was noticeable in WWPB, in Giants it got taken way out of scale.

One of the things I loathed about When Dinosaurs Roamed America was 
that the dinosaurs constantly shrieked and thrashed their heads about 
like they'd been Maced or something. It was really quite annoying.

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