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Re: Cladistic notation

--- Charles Roustan <charlesroustan@softhome.net> wrote:
> Now, that's nice and understandable in the context of that particular
> message. But sometimes things get necessarily fancier, for example, here,
> David Marjanovic wrote in some message not long ago:
> +--allzero outgroup
> |--*Caudipteryx* (forgot to mention: composite of all species)
> |--this grouping was not supported without reweighting:
> |  |--Scansoriopterygidae
> |  |--*Archaeopteryx*
> |  |--basal Troodontidae
> |  `--+--*Microraptor* (forgot to mention: composite of both species)
> |     `--+--*Rahonavis*
> |        `--*Shenzhouraptor*
> {lots of snipping}
> This too, I can understand and if I was asked to turn this into a regular
> text-book-style cladogram I could do it, although I would ask myself the
> reason for all the asterisks

The asterisks are in lieu of italicization. Some of us use underscores ("_")
instead, as underlining is another way of denoting formal taxa, in the absence
of the ability to use italics.

> but I think you
> all use different "add-ons" in your cladograms, is it a matter of choice?
> is there more than one way to make an ASCII cladogram?

There's no standardized way.
I developed a system (Mikko Haaramo suggested the "`" part; and I probably
based it on someone else's system, but I don't remember) for use on the old
version of The Dinosauricon (see http://dinosauricon.com/taxa/#format)

Eventually I'll create the ability to generate ASCII cladograms on the new
site. I'm thinking of changing the format slightly. This might be a good
opportunity to throw some ideas out there.

|  | *INST 0001
|  | *uncatalogued
|  | *betai [synonymous?]
|  |?*gammensis
|  |--sp. innom.
|  `--+?-deltapodus
|     `--epsilonius
   |  `--eta
      |?*iotillimus [synonymous?]
      | *Kapparaptor [synonymous?]
      |  `--lambdadon

- Underlines, italicization, etc. is dispensed with for legibility. No informal
terms are used.
- INST 0001 is a specimen referred to _Alphasaurus_ incertae sedis, possibly
part of taxon within that clade, as is an uncatalogued specimen. (The asterisk
indicating incertae sedis is Mickey Mortimer's idea.)
- _betai_ is also _Alphasaurus_ incertae sedis, and may be synonymous with
another species in that clade.
- _gammensis_ is referred to _Alphasaurus_? incertae sedis.
- An unnamed species is referred to _Alphasaurus_.
- _deltapodus_ is probably but not unquestionably closer to _epsilonius_ than
to the unnamed species.
- _eta_ is the sole species belonging to _Zetamimus_.
- No clade including _Zetamimus_ and _Thetasuchoidea_, but not _Alphasaurus_,
has been named.
- _iotillimus_ is questionably referred to _Thetasuchoidea_ incertae sedis, and
may be synonymous with another thetasuchoid species.
- Ditto for _Kapparaptor lambdadon_, except that it is pretty securely a

I'm not married to this -- for one thing I think that the designations for
"incertae sedis" and "synonymous?" should either both be textual or both be
symbolic. I'd like to hear any thoughts. Also, what's Latin for "uncatalogued 

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