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Re: Acro skeletal again

--- "Jaime A. Headden" 
>   I notice that in your skeleton you do not show the
> curious hook-like
> processes in the proximal caudal vertebrae or the
> secondary neural spines
> in mid- to distal caudal vertebrae, or the
> distinctive shape of the
> iliofibular crest of the fibula, as well the dorsals
> appear to be too few
> with rounded ends rather that squared off as the
> type/paratype show. Is
> there a reason these features are not shown?
I noted these features were lacking as well. The pubic
boot is also a wee bit horizontal. From my diagrams,
it looks like it should point toward the acetabulum
more (I suppose this could be size-related, however).
The first 3 or 4 postaxial cervicals should have
anteroposteriorly longer and superficially fan-like
neural spines as in fig. 3 of Stovall & Langston,
figs. 11 and 12 of Harris, or fig. 1 of Currie &
Carpenter. I don't know what level of detail is
supposed to be represented here, but the cervical
neurapophyses should be modified. Add a couple more
maxillary and dentary teeth, make the
jugal-postorbital contact less abrupt and flat, and it
ought to be good. It's a very fine drawing, just needs
a little work is all. 

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