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Re: The Future Is Wild & Giants: personal Comments (LONG)

Susanne Moore wrote:
> My opinion when I watch these shows is that, yes, they do make too much 
> noise, and, also, there seems to be a rather limited idea of how these 
> creatures might have behaved. I am also talking about the program(s) they had 
> on early humanoids (?) where they persist in portraying them as clumsy 
> bumblers.

My all-time favourite part of Walking With Cavemen was when the Homo
Habilis (I think it was them) followed elderly wilderbeests about,
waiting for them to keel over and die before attacking them.

Do ANY small to medium sized herbivores on the African savannah actually
die of old age? I thought predators always got them long before they
dropped dead on the spot.


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