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Re: Allo sp. (was Re: Validity of *Tyrannosaurus stanwinstonorum* Pickering (1996))

--- Tommy Bradley <htomsirveaux@mybluelight.com> wrote:
>  Also, could
> anyone be so good as to clue me into what species of _Allosaurus_ are
> currently considered valid and seperate (meaning not included under another
> species as a junior synonym)?

Coincidentally, Mickey and I were just hashing this out! Our results:

_Allosaurus_ species
_fragilis_ [type] 
_amplexus_ (originally _Epanterias_) ?= _fragilis_
_atrox_ => _Creosaurus_ 
_ferox_ = _fragilis_ 
_lucaris_ ?= _fragilis_
_maximus_ (originally _Saurophagus_) = _Saurophaganax maximus_
_maximus_ (originally _Saurophaganax_) => _Saurophaganax_ 
_medius_ => _Neotheropoda_ incertae sedis 
_meriani_ (originally _Megalosaurus_) => _Ceratosaurus_ incertae sedis 
_sibiricus_ => _Neotheropoda_ incertae sedis 
_stechowi_ (originally _Labrosaurus_) => _Ceratosaurus_ 
_tendagurensis_ => _Tetanurae_ incertae sedis 
_trihedrodon_ (originally _Laelaps_) => _Neotheropoda_ incertae sedis 
_valens_ (originally _Antrodemus_) => _Antrodemus_ 
_whitei_ = _fragilis_ 
sp. innom. (NMV P150070) => _Carnosauria_ incertae sedis 
sp. innom. (DINO 11541) => _Allosauridae_

In cladogram form:

|  medius [synonym?]
|  sibiricus [synonym?]
|  trihedrodon [synonym?]
|  |  meriani [synonym?]
|  `--stechowi
   |  tendagurensis
      |  sp. innom. (NMV P150070)
         |  Antrodemus valens [synonym?]
         |--Saurophaganax maximus (=Saurophagus maximus)
         `--+--sp. innom. (DINO 11541)
            |--Allosaurus fragilis (=Epanterias amplexus, =ferox, ?=lucaris,
            `--Creosaurus atrox

Note that this is using my provisional treatment of genera (see
http://dino.lm.com/terms/display.php?name=Genus), which tends toward splitting.
Most researchers would probably include _atrox_, DINO 11541, and maybe also
_maximus_ under _Allosaurus_.

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