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New extended version of Future is Wild


Last night Animal Planet started showing the new extended version of the
Future is Wild.  This is still probably not the original British version.
The new version is a series of two hour episodes, each being one of the time
slices.  Last night was the -5 Ma slice.  In any case, there was some good
and some bad:
*The addition of various talking heads, including DML's own Jim Farlow,
invert paleo Peter Ward, Neil Shubin, and comic book writer Stan Lee.  (Why
the heck Stan Lee was on, I have no idea...)
*The addition of biomes and taxa cut out of the initial U.S. showing (for
example, the Mediterranean Desert fauna)
*Attack of the stock footage!!  In order to bump these episodes up to two
hours (even with the talking heads), they kept on reusing the same shots
(sometimes mirror-reversed) in order to extend the "story line".
*Astounding new information: such as crocodiles being a type of lizards...

Incidentally, for non-U.S. viewers: did the version you see have the space

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