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Dig that Stegosaurus * Dinosaur Cemetery yields 1,000 Fossils * Unesco Accolade * Bones arrive at Dallas Museum

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**  Dinosaur bones arrive at Dallas museum
Dinosaur bones unearthed along the Colville River in northern Alaska have
arrived in sunny North Texas for a joint study by Southern Methodist
University and the Dallas Museum of Natural History

**  Rainy weather chips into crew's dig time
Before rains turned their dig site into a sea of gumbo, volunteers found
more bones of a Jurassic-era stegosaurus.

**  Hands on Experience
The Alf Museum is the only one of its kind in North America - a fully
accredited palaeontology facility on the grounds of a high school campus

**  Antarctic Scott's lasting legacy
The collection contained some of the first plant fossils found in
Antarctica, the remains of ancient lush deciduous forests that carpeted the
continent about 250 million
years ago


**  Site of Interest
The Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park in North Devon, UK, featuring
Europe's first full-sized animatronic Dilophosaurus

**  Dinosaur site wins Unesco accolade
Monte San Giorgio, which lies on the southern shore of Lake Lugano, is
famous for its abundance of well-preserved reptile and fish fossils

**  World's Longest-necked Dinosaur Never Raised Head High
Chinese scientists have unveiled more information about the world's
longest-necked dinosaur, Mamenchisaurus, dispelling the accepted view that
the animal would have been able to raise its head like a giraffe

**  Carnegie Museum to acquire two new dinosaurs
The specimens are from the Cretaceous period and were found on private land
in South Dakota, said Bill DeWalt, director of the natural history museum

**  Stegosaurus dig begins
Volunteers unearthed a rib bone Monday of a 150-million-year-old
stegosaurus, nicknamed "Giffen."

**  China dinosaur cemetery yields 1,000 fossils
Scientists using advanced geophysical prospecting techniques have found more
than 1,000 dinosaur fossils in China's 'dinosaur cemetery'

**  Battle to beat fossil thieves
Smugglers are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in a thriving black
market for Queensland dinosaur fossils

**  Dinosaur found - in museum
South African scientists have discovered the oldest known example of a
sauropod - one of the giant plant-eaters of the Jurassic era - in a museum.

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