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Re: New extended version of Future is Wild


It would seem these new in-depth episodes are screening worldwide

>*Astounding new information: such as crocodiles being a type of lizards...

My initial thoughts exactly - although after watching it again I realised
that they were talking about "the ancient class of reptiles", not just
lizards. However...that definately was a caiman in the footage that they
were calling a crocodile. Sheesh.

So far, their background footage/narration has taught me that azdarchids
are bird-ancestors, mammoths evolved immediately after the K-T.
Camarasaurus is a junior-synonym of Brachiosaurus, gymnotoids are
siluriforms and that caimans are crocodiles.

But still...on the whole I'm finding it very entertaining. Can't wait to
see what the next "new habitat" missing from the pilot is.

>Incidentally, for non-U.S. viewers: did the version you see have the space

Yes, ours had those annoying little orbital pinwheel thingies as well.