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Re: The Future Is Wild & Giants: personal Comments (LONG)

I recall once years ago seeing on an African nature
documentary a Wilderbeest being filmed dying in its
sleep of old age.  The narrator did remark that such a
thing is extremely rare and that this animal must have
been very lucky and skilled to have survived so long.

Jonathan Schmidt 

Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au> wrote:Susanne
Moore wrote:

My all-time favourite part of Walking With Cavemen was
when the Homo
Habilis (I think it was them) followed elderly
wilderbeests about,
waiting for them to keel over and die before attacking

Do ANY small to medium sized herbivores on the African
savannah actually
die of old age? I thought predators always got them
long before they
dropped dead on the spot.