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Re: Mamenchisaurus neck posture

wolverin@twcny.rr.com (Steve) asks:
<< I've read the archives for a long time, however as an amateur, I was
reluctant to post.  I've always wondered about this theory of sauropod neck
elevation though...if they couldn't raise their heads above heart level,
wouldn't this exclude them from walking up hill? >>

       No one is saying that sauropods couldn't raise their heads above heart 
level. It is more a question of what would constitute a typical or "normal" 
posture or articulation of the various sauropod neck designs. I believe there's 
a lot of room for inquiry here and I await new publications and discussions. 
I, for one, am a bit nervous about basing conclusions on post-mortem effects 
and where understanding of the taphonomy of the specimen is uncertain. 
Sauropods are going to be a lot of fun in the future, that's for sure. DV