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Re: Allosauroid cladogram

Tommy Bradley wrote-

> Can somebody send me (or tell me where I can find) a decent, and recent
Allosauroid cladogram?  I've found a couple conflicting versions online, and
am hoping someone on the DML can help.

First you'd need a "decent, and recent allosauroid cladogram" to exist.
There's not much consensus in this clade.
Excluding tooth taxa, the best I can do is-

|--Monolophosaurus jiangi
|--Erectopus? sauvagei (position after Allain 2002)
|?-Lourinhanosaurus antunesi
|--unnamed taxon (Knoll et al., 1999)
|--+--Fukuiraptor kitadaniensis
|  |?-"Allosaurus" "robustus" (position after Azuma and Currie, 2001)
|  `?-Siamotyrannus isanensis (position after Holtz, 2001)
|  |--Saurophaganax maximus
|  |?-unnamed taxon (Perez-Moreno et al. 1994)
|  |*-Antrodemus valens
|  |?-"Madsenius"
|  `--+--Allosaurus fragilis
|     |?-"Wyomingraptor" (?= unnamed taxon of Hand and Bakker, 2000)
|     |--undescribed taxon (Bybee and Smith, 1999)
|     |--Allosaurus atrox (non Paul 1988)
|     `--Allosaurus sp. nov. (Chure, 2000)
|  |--Sinraptor dongi
|  |--Sinraptor? hepingensis (=Yangchuanosaurus?; Gao 1999)
|  |--Yangchuanosaurus shangyouensis
|  |?-Yangchuanosaurus? "longqiaoensis"
|  |?-Gasosaurus constructus
|  |?-Metriacanthosaurus parkeri
|  |?-Metriacanthosaurus? "brevis"
|  `?-Metriacanthosaurus? "reynoldsi"
|--Neovenator salerii
   |?-Acrocanthosaurus atokensis
   `--+--Carcharodontosaurus saharicus
      |--undescribed taxon (Sereno online 2000)
      |--undescribed taxon (Coria and Currie, 1997)
      |--undescribed taxon (Alcober et al., 1998)
      |?-unnamed taxon (Buffetaut et al., 1988)
      `--Giganotosaurus carolinii

Monolophosaurus may be more basal.
Note Erectopus' type species is E. superbus, consisting of teeth.  The
carnosaurian postcrania (sauvagei) may belong to the same individual, or may
Lourinhanosaurus may be megalosauroid (Allain, 2002).
Allosaurus atrox is not in reference to the "long-snouted" species of Paul
and others (which is just A. fragilis, the "short-faced" specimen being
reconstructed incorrectly; Chure 2001), but instead the holotype which is
seemingly intermediate between A. fragilis and A. sp. nov..
"Madsenius", "Wyomingraptor" and the Bybee and Smith skull may just be A.
Gao (1999) and Rauhut (2000) believe Sinraptor could be sunk into
Neovenator may be a sister group to carcharodontosaurids (eg. Holtz, 2001;
Rauhut, 2000; Hutt, 1999) or a more basal carnosaur (Allain, 2002).
Carcharodontosaurids could be more closely related to sinraptorids (Rauhut,
2000; Coria and Currie, 2002), or allosaurids (Harris, 1998).
Though Currie and Carpenter (2000) find Acrocanthosaurus to be allosaurid
instead of carcharodontosaurid, nearly all of their supporting characters
are problematic.

Mickey Mortimer