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Re: Triassic dino tracks in this week's Science

In the Ipswich Coal Measures, they co-exist with much smaller *Grallator* prints. Aren't *Grallator* considered by some to be a size variant of *Eubrontes* (or vice versa)?

Sure. But because we're dealing with ichnotaxa, a "small Eubrontes" (e.g. Grallator) does not equate with "a small Eubrontes trackmaker". It simply means "a small animal whose feet are similiar to that of the Eubrontes trackmaker". At current resolution, this translates to "small theropod" vs. "big theropod". So just because Grallator is present, does not mean Eubrontes is or would be expected to be (or, READ THE ORIGINAL PAPER to find out why...).


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