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Tyrannosauroid questions (again)

Apparently this was destroyed thie first time due to accidentally rich text
(thanks to Ken Martin for alerting me).

Oh Dr. Holtz....   :-)

After revising the tyrannosauroid portion of my theropod file, I have some

What formation was the Labocania-like mandible fragment described by Young
and Sun (1957) found in?
Young, C.C. and Sun, A.L., 1957; The discovery of a carnosaur mandible from
Turfan, Xinjiang. Vert. PalAs. 1(2) (in Chinese).

Williamson and Carr have their new basal tyrannosauroid from the Demopolis
Formation of Alabama (RMM 6670).  King et al. (1988) also reported a
supposedly basal specimen from that same formation (AUMP 2366).  These
specimens aren't the same, are they?  Williamson and Carr's seems to have an
almost complete skull, while King et al.'s only has the premaxilla, maxilla
and dentary.  It does seem plausible that these are the same species though.
Anyone have more data on AUMP 2366?

Anyone know the holotype of Albertosaurus? periculosus?  PIN

"Ornithomimus" grandis is just thought to be tyrannosauroid based on size,

Are the Beleutin and Bissekty Formations the same?

Does CMN 2196 come from the Dinosaur Park or Horseshoe Canyon Formation?
Also, is it a surangular, or a scapulocoracoid and gastralia?  I've seen
both listed.

Anyone have a reference for the supposedly tyrannosaurid vertebra (now lost)
from the Trent River Formation of British Columbia?

Molnar and Carpenter (1989) mentioned the following three juvenile
tyrannosaurid teeth.  Anyone know what their horizon and locality is?
CMN 1822, KU 12419, UCMP 38060.

What about the holotype of "Tyrannosaurus" turpanensis (=Tarbosaurus
bataar?)?  IVPP......
And T? zhuchangensis?  NGMC.....

Currie et al. (2003) believe the Dinosaur Park species of Daspletosaurus is
distinct from the Oldman D. torosus.  I have the following remains of
Daspletosaurus catalogued, but which formation do they come from?
(RTMP 80.16.924) frontal, parietal
(RTMP 82.13.1) skull
(RTMP 83.30.1) lacrimal
(RTMP 83.38.1) skull
(RTMP 84.60.1) postorbital
(RTMP 89.17.53) maxilla
(RTMP 91.36.403) frontal
(RTMP 94.172.115) maxilla
(RTMP 94.218.1) skull
(RTMP 98.48.1) maxilla, nasal
(SDNH 32701) frontal

Is there any reference for Tyrannosaurus remains in the Prince Creek
Formation of Alaska, or was that just a mistake in my file?

There are so many Tyrannosaurus specimens with nicknames.  Does anyone know
the institution and/or number for the following-
E. D. Cope, Fox and Steven (all at the BHI)
Regina (at the RSM)
Pete (at the UNO)
N-rex (recently transferred to the USNM, right?)
Barnum, Bowman and County Rex

Also, is Z-rex the same as Mr. Zed?

Mickey Mortimer