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Re: Allosaur cladogram

Tommy Bradley wrote-

> _Neovenator_ a Carcahrodontosaurid?  That's one widely distributed
> 1) _Carcharodontosaurus_ Northern Africa
> 2) _Giganotosaurus_ Argentina
> 3) _Neovenator_ England

Don't forget Acrocanthosaurus from the US.  Even if Neovenator isn't a
carcharodontosaurid, Buffetaut et al.'s (1988) taxon is from France.  The
other unnamed taxa are from either Africa (Sereno unpub.- Niger; Russell
1996- Morocco) or Argentina (Coria and Currie 1997; Alcober et al. 1998).
Teeth referred to carcharodontosaurids are also known from other localities,
but the enamel ridges used to diagnose them have been found in other
tetanurine clades as well (eg. spinosaurids, Fukuiraptor, allosaurids,
tyrannosaurids, dromaeosaurids).

Mickey Mortimer