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Re: Allosaur cladogram

--- "Jaime A. Headden" <qilongia@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Other allosauroids
> have combinations of caudal and pelvic features with more basal tetanurans
> and each other that implies a basal "mosaic" of characters and a possibly
> step-wise evolution towards Coelurosauria in which traditional (i.e.,
> sensus Sereno et Holtz) Allosauroidea or Carnosauria is polyphyletic.
> Carnosauria, Allosauroidea, and Allosauridae may all be the same clade
> under some topologies.

At the other end of the spectrum is Rauhut (and Gauthier 1986, come to think of
it), where spinosaurids, torvosaurids, etc. are considered basal
(non-allosauroid) carnosaurs.

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