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Re: Allosauroid cladogram

Dann Pigdon wrote-

> It's interesting that Fukuiraptor seems to be quite basal in this
> cladogram. I thought it was considered closer to Sinraptorids?

It's only been included in one published analysis, Azuma and Currie's (2000)
one in its description.  Though quite flawed (Jaime and I went over the
first 60 or so characters at one point and found numerous problems), the
result is-

   |  `--+--Sinraptor
   |     `--+--Allosaurus
   |        `--Acrocanthosaurus
         |  `--Ornithomimidae

As you see, Fukuiraptor is basal within Carnosauria.  I trust Holtz's (2001)
SVP 2001 analysis more (only carnosaurian taxa shown)-

| `-Siamotyrannus

Maybe you thought it was close to sinraptorids based on the skeletal
reconstruction (based on Sinraptor) in the description, or the continent it
was discovered in.

Mickey Mortimer